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Want to start your own business?

Entrepreneurs try to identify and meet a need for a product or service. Entrepreneurs come from all types of backgrounds, may be of any age, and create all kinds of businesses.  Some own tiny craft shops, while others own huge construction companies.  Entrepreneurs try to identify the needs of the marketplace and to meet those needs by supplying a service or product.  When they succeed, their businesses flourish and the profits go to them.  When they fail, their companies decline and they may have to go out of business.

 Entrepreneurship is a process of looking at things in such a way as to make solutions to problems and perceived needs.  Such as, is this idea feasible? Will this idea work? It is also the willingness to take risks involved with the starting and managing of a business.

The world is full of opportunities for entrepeneurs. Some take existing businesses and turn them into something bigger. Some start new enterprises from the ground up.

As you study this course, opportunities will arise. It is important to not get ahead of yourself though. You are rarely going to miss an opportunity of a lifetime, just because you waited to complete your studies. You will however have a decreased chance of success if you attempt something before you are prepared properly.

Course Details

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced online course. If you are doing the course full time you can complete it in 6 weeks, if you are studying part time then it will take 3-6 months on average to complete the course. Your course will expire after 1 year.


Course Oultine

There are 10 lessons in this course:

1. Scope & Nature of Entrepreneurship
• What is a Entrepreneur
• Types of Entrepreneurs
• Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Success
• Sources for Business Ideas
• Intrepreneurs
• Ethics
• Entrepreneurial Process

2. Is Entrepreneurship Right for You
• Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur
• Skills Needed by Entrepreneurs
• Determining How Suited You are to Being an Entrepreneur

3. Assessing opportunities
• Questions To Consider
• Assessing Opportunities
• Entrepreneurial Lifecycles (Opportunity Recognition, Opportunity Focussing, Resource Commitment, Market Entry, Full Launch and Growth, Maturity and Expansion, Liquidity Event)

4. The Role of Market Research
• Obtain, Analyse, and Interpret the information necessary
• Who Will Buy Your Products and/or Services
• What Do They Want
• Market Research Steps
• Types of Market Research (Market Research, Product Research, Promotions Research, Sales Research, Company Research)
• Gathering Data (Primary Data, Secondary Data)
• What Needs Research (Physical Attributes, Behavioural Characteristics of Customers, Identifying Best Prospects)
• The Research Process
• Statistics
• Researching Competitors
• Tracking Trends
• Staying Ahead of Trends
• Questionnaires

5. Intellectual Property
• Copyright
• Contract Law
• Public Domain
• Right to Privacy
• Law & the Internet
• Electronic Publishing
• Patents
• Designs
• Trademarks

6. Legal & Ethical Concerns
• Types of Business (Sole Trader, Partnership, Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies)
• Terminology
• Legal Obligations

7. Operating a Business
• Goals and Objectives
• Resources –Premises, Equipment, etc
• Stock & Suppliers
• Identifying Business Functions
• Thinking About Expenses & Costs
• Dealing with Fluctuations in Demand

8. The Business and Financial Plan
• What is a Business Plan
• Venture Capital
• Forcasting
• Setting Goals
• Policies
• Scheduling
• Budgeting
• Developing Procedures
• What to include in a Business Plan

9. Marketing
• Gathering Information
• Identifying Key Issues
• Developing Strategies and Actions
• Market Opportunity Analysis
• Determine a Target Market
• Engineer a Target Market
• Market Objectives

10. Launching a Venture
• Launching
• Start Up Assistance
• Being Prepared for Change
• Prepare Contingency Plans in Advance
• Using Assets Well
• Think Laterally
• Core Business Focus
• Taking Calculated Risks

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