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Who are your customers?

  • Get a grip on Marketing basics
  • Learn to improve sales results
  • Make yourself valuable to employers, improve your own business success, lay a foundation for more advanced studies.

This course is designed as a program to understand the marketing world; then developing skills in marketing.


  • KEEPING CUSTOMERS SATISFIED (so they come back!)

Throughout this course emphasis is placed on profitability and efficiency!

Course Details

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced online course. If you are doing the course full time you can complete it in 6 weeks, if you are studying part time then it will take 3-6 months on average to complete the course. Your course will expire after 1 year.


Course Outline

There are 10 lessons in this course:

1. Marketing and the Business
• What is marketing, and its significance
• Considering alternative approaches to business & marketing
• Alternative enterprises (eg. goods or services based sole proprietor or partnership etc).

2. Scope of Marketing Understanding basic economics (eg. supply & demand)
• The difference between the potential market
• Available market
• Target market
• Penetrated market for a product/service of your choice
• Different advertising approaches
• Controlling Growth,
• Improving Results in Business, etc

3. Target Marketing
• Understanding the market place
• Stages that sellers move through in their approach to a market
• What is targeting
• Advantages of target marketing as compared to mass marketing and product-differentiated marketing

4. The Marketing Mix and Managing the Marketing Effort
• Product, price, place, and promotion
• Affects and interactions between marketing and other operations of a business.

5. Product Presentation and Packaging
• Importance of product knowledge
• Core, tangible and augmented products
• Differences in packaging & presentation for different products.

6. Promotion Communication skills
• Merchandising
• Shop Floor Layout
• Displaying Products
• Signs
• Understanding Selling and Increasing Sales
• Sales Methods
• Publicity Marketing,
• Structuring an Advertisement or Promotion
• Advertising budgets, etc

7. Product Pricing and Distribution Pricing
• Profitability Ratios
• Increasing Turnover, etc

8. Customer Service Methods of assessing customer satisfaction
• Significance of Customer Service
• Different types of customers in the market place and how best to approach each
• Difference between selling, publicising, marketing and advertising, etc

9. Market Research
• The research process
• What to research
• Surveys
• Developing and conducting a market research program
• Where to find useful statistics,

10. Organisations
• Structures and Roles Business law
• Financial Management
• Business Structures
• Business terminology, etc.


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