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Human Relations Experts Get Jobs

Not every Human Relations Course will make you an expert though. To be successful you need not only knowledge of Human Relations, but also good skills in communication, problem solving and networking. This course covers most of what you might find in an HR Degree course, but beyond that, we have interwoven into the course, projects, research and problem based learning projects to develop your networks within industry and generic practical skills to be successful in the business world.

Graduates may seek work across a wide range of industries, in positions such as:

  • Personnel Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Foreman
  • Business Owner/operator
  • Vocational Trainer, Instructor, Teacher
  • Careers Advisor
  • Department Manager
  • Employment Services Consultant; Employment Agent, etc

Course Details

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced fully online course. You are enrolled in the course for three years, but most people complete the course in 18 - 24 months’ time.


Course Outline

This course is made up of 15 modules

Core Modules  

  Educational Psychology

  Health & Wellbeing

  Industrial Psychology

  Instructional Skills

  Introduction to Psychology



  Personnel Management

  Psychology & Counselling

  Research Project I


  Workplace Health & Safety

  Conflict Management

  Project Management

Note that each module in the Diploma in Human Resource Management is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.


We have payment plans avaliable 

Email for a detailed course brochure with course outlines for all the modules.


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