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Learn about the marketing world.

The systems that operate locally, nationally and internationally; can be simple or complex.

  • Sometimes (in a small organisation), the same individual, or office, will promote, sell, deliver and provide after sales service for a product.
  • Sometimes each of these functions may be carried out by different people or organisations; an a system needs to be built that links these different entities together.
 Effective linkages make for better sales and productivity.
Study this course to make better decisions about how and where to market your products or services.

Course Details

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced online course. If you are doing the course full time you can complete it in 6 weeks, if you are studying part time then it will take 3-6 months on average to complete the course. Your course will expire after 1 year.


Course Outline

There are 10 lessons in this course:

1. Marketing Systems
• Innovation
• What is a marketing system
• Choosing the right system
• Types of customers
• Pure competition
• Monopolistic competition
• Oligopoly
• Monopoly
• Globalisation
• Internet marketing: demographics, promotions, targeting internet users
• Supply systems

2. Retailing Systems and Strategies
• Types of retail systems: shops, markets, traveling salesmen, pyramid schemes, shows, telephone sales, etc
• Retail life cycle
• Factors influencing retail strategy
• Terminology

3. Wholesale Systems and Strategies
• Self marketing
• Cooperatives
• Agents
• Regulated systems
• Independant intermediaries
• Manucacture owned intermediaries
• Agricultural marketinglegislation and marketing boards
• Livestock selling systems -case studies

4. Product Presentation and Packaging
• Specialist marketing services: packaging, labelling, display, signs, public relations
• Merchandising
• Principles to follow when buying
• Selling: credit or cash?
• Personal service, mail order or self service?
• Shop layout
• Packaging and labelling
• Branding

5. Negotiation Skills
• Understanding customers and markets
• The local environment
• Personal selling skills

6. Marketing Organisations
• Distribution enterprises
• Advertising agents or departments
• PR enterprises
• Sales enterprises
• Marketing tasks : Market research, Merchandising, Promotion, Transport, Records
• Marketing strategies
• Diversification

7. International Marketing I
• Introduction
• Why enter the international marketplace
• Alternative ways to trade internationally
• Degrees of export marketing
• Pitfalls
• Significance of the internet

8. Analyzing the Market Market analysis
• Trend analysis
• Market research
• Analysing the Market

9. The Marketing Mix
• Marketing mix and checklist
• Strategic planning
• Tactical planning

10. International Marketing II
• What countries
• Restrictions to international marketing
• Economic communities
• Strategies
• Market entry strategy
• Implementing a strategy
• PBL project


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