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Understanding Workplace Health and Safety is important for avoidance of litigation, work disruption, and significant, unnecessary costs. Make sure that an accident that could have been avoided is not the reason your business fails.
This course was developed by highly qualified professionals, who have years of experience in industry.

Course Details

If you are doing the course full time you can complete it in 6 weeks, if you are studying part time then it will take 3-6 months on average to complete the course. Your course will expire after 1 year. You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced online course.

Course Outline

There are 10 lessons in this course:

1. Introduction
Nature and Scope of Workplace Health and Safety
Work Related Fatalities
Duty of Care: employer, employee, other person, manufacturer
Significance of Illness
Protective Equipment; personal protection, machinery, equipment, signs and information
Further Information and Resources

2. Legislation
Legislation across different countries: Australia, UK, Canada, USA, NZ etc
Examples: Worksafe Australia, Health & Safety Commision UK, Occupational Health & Safety Commission USA, etc
International Commission on Occupational Health

3. Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Selecting and Maintaining PPE
Hand Protection
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection
Respiratory Protection
Body Protection
Knee Protection
Foot and Leg Protection
Head Protection
Machine and Equipment Guards
Protective and Temporary Barriers
Temporary Signs
Protecting Hearing

4. Handling Chemicals
Storage and Disposal
Transporting Chemicals
Protecting theEnvironment
Protective Clothing
Safe Use and Mixing Chemicals
Toxicity of Pesticides
Safe Application of Pesticides
Hazardous Substances
Personal Protective Equipment Plan

5. Handling Equipment
General Safety Rules
Manual Handling
Employer Responsibilities
Employee Responsibilities
Safety with Different Types of Equipment
Handling Tools and Equipment Safely
Machinery Safety
Machine Hazards
Machine Guards
Welding Equipment, Compressors, Conveyor Belts
Horticultural Equipment; Mulchers, bruch cutters, mowers, chainsaws
Tool Maintenance
Safety with Electricity

6. Handling Objects
How to Lift
Strategies for Manual Handling
Skin Penetrating Injuries
Risk Categories
Preventative Measures
Treating Wounds: First Aid
Case Studies of Manual Handling Injuries

7. Using Computer Work Stations
Using VDU's
Repetative Strain Injuries
Carpel Tunnel
Creating a Healthy Work Station
Rest Breaks, Stretching, Posture

8. Working Alone
Duty of Care, Responsibilities
Common Tasks Undertaken by a Lone Worker
Mobile Workers
Risk Assessment
Risk Management

9. Standards and Rules
Identifying Risks
Hazard and Risk Management
Workplace Policy
Risk Assessment Safety Audits
Identifying Risks
Audit Forms
Safety Audit
Safety Outdoors; fire, bites, potential accidents, cuts, strains, poisoning, allergies, etc
First Aid; Shock, Fainting, Fractures, Strains, Sprains, Heat Exhaustion, etc
Skin Cancer
First Aid Supplies

10.Signs and Signals
Introduction to standard signs and signals
Conventions in different countries; UK, Australia


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