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Digital Photography allows you to use image editing software to apply special effects, and gain quality control over your pictures.   You will:

  • Find out the equipment you need to move to digital photography.
  • Understand computer specifications and factors affecting computer performance for digital imaging. 
  • Learn to transfer an image from a digital camera onto your computer.
  • Be able to process digital pictures and output them.
  • Understand scanners and image editing software.
  • Be able to utilise your camera to take great digital photographs.
  • Learn the basic principles of photographic composition.
  • Find out about image formats and types of files.

Course Details

If you are doing the course full time you can complete it in 6 weeks, if you are studying part time then it will take 3-6 months on average to complete the course. Your course will expire after 1 year. You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced online course.

Course Outline

There are 11 lessons in this course: 

1. Introduction To Digital Technology
How images are captured and stored
categories of equipment & software
scope of applications

2. Equipment
Getting started; deciding what you need
Image Sizes
Raster Images
Video Cards
Colour depth
Computer terminology etc.

3. Digital Technology
sensors (how technology enables digital images to be captured).

4. Digital Cameras
Image formation
camera stability
one shot cameras
Three shot cameras
Terminology (eg.DPI, DVD, Bit, EDO RAM, Plug In etc)

5. Taking Photographs
Principles of Photo Composition
Creating effects
Default Setting
Compression of Data
Halftones etc

6. Scanners
Techniques which can be used for digitally capturing images from film photographs or graphics

7. Uploading Images
How digital images can be transferred effectively from a camera (or scanner) onto another device (eg. a computer, video monitor, television set, etc).

8. The Digital Darkroom
Techniques that can be used to process digital photographs within a computer to achieve improved or changed images

9. Compositing & Imaging
Production & manipulation of images
How digital photos can be manipulated and changed to produce altered images

10. Special Effects
Scope and nature of special effects that can be created with digital photographs

11. Outputs & Applications
The Internet
How and where digital photography can effectively be used.

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.


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