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This course will provide you with a skills and knowledge base that prepares you to start a career as a freelance writer, an editor or a publisher. Many journalists begin their careers as freelance writers, submitting articles to newspapers and magazines. The broad scope of this course will prepare you to work as a writer in a publishing business, a freelancer, or in other areas of publishing.
  • Improve your writing skills
    Discover what work opportunities exist
  • Network with professionals
  • Gain insights into this industry, and start building your networks
  • Study, learn, take a step toward earning whilst doing something you are passionate about

Freelance journalists often start slow, only getting occasional articles published early in their career; but with persistence and good luck, they can develop a reputation and network of publishers who accept their work (so much so that they can earn a comfortable living from their writing).

Some in house journalists will find themselves being used to perform a range of other jobs in the office where they work. Particularly in smaller publishing houses, they may need to help with editing, layout -preparing publications for printing, web site development, marketing copy writing, conducting interviews, answering the phone, research for articles, photography, etc.

Some freelance journalists supplement their income by undertaking other work as well, such as contract editing for publishers, writing advertising copy or web site development, taking and selling photos, etc.

Course Details

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced fully online course. You are enrolled in the course for two years, but most people complete the course in 9 - 12 months’ time.

Course Outline

Core Modules

Journalism Practice I

Photojournalism Practice I

Efficent Writing

 Elective Modules In addition to the core modules, students study any 3 of the following 6 modules.

Note that each module in the Advanced Certificate In Journalism is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.


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