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Hospitality involves providing food and accommodation services. Tourism encompasses these things and more (e.g. transportation).  The success of some hospitality enterprises is linked to tourism, and for others it is not. A restaurant, for example, in a tourist resort may do exceptionally well when the tourists are coming; but might need to cut staff work hours when the flow of tourists slows. Another restaurant, though, in a suburban shopping centre may have a less volatile business, with a routine clientele of local residents buying meals from them on a regular basis.

These industries have seen highs and lows over recent decades in different parts of the world. They are often affected by the current state of the economy, and level of disposable income. Sometimes an economic downturn or natural disaster can have a severe impact upon work available in a particular locality or country. At other times, an event or publicised attraction can cause a boom in a particular place.
Hospitality enterprises that are linked strongly to tourism may be more volatile; going through periods of boom and bust according to the fortunes of the tourist industry they serve.


Course Details

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced fully online course. You are enrolled in the course for two years, but most people complete the course in 6-9 months’ time.


Course Outline

The Core Modules for this course are:

Hotel Management

Tourism I

Also students enrolled in the course, will choose one elective module from below:Click on each link below to see outline

Food and Beverage Management

Adventure Tourism

Bar Service

Bed & Breakfast Management


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