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Learn management and development of facilities; such as: Leisure centres, Swim Centres, Sporting complexes, Gymnasiums, Health clubs etc.

  • Seek a job, Start a business or improve your career prospects
  • Learn from tutors with decades of experience in thew Leisure Industries
  • In Part 1 study management and development or redevelopment of recreation facilities.  Learn about the nature of recreation and fitness facilities, legal requirements during construction, the management of minor construction projects and evaluating fitness and recreation equipment.
  • Through the second half study day to day operations of facilities such as gyms, health clubs, swimming pools, or recreation facilities -study managing bookings, purchasing, safety, contingencies and insurance

Learn to...

  • Explain the nature of recreation and fitness facilities.
  • Explain legalities that must be satisfied by construction work projects.
  • Evaluate suitability of equipment for a given purpose in a recreation or fitness facility.
  • Explore the  recreation facilities and services are provided in your locality.
  • Compare different facilities in your locality that provide the same type of recreation and fitness services. 
  • Describe the minimum facilities required to provide common services in different types of recreation facilities, such as; health clubs, gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools, golf courses, bowling greens and other sporting clubs  

Course Details

If you are doing the course full time you can complete it in 6 weeks, if you are studying part time then it will take 3-6 months on average to complete the course. Your course will expire after 1 year. You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced online course.

Course Outline

There are 13 lessons in this course:

1.The Scope of Recreation Facility Management
◦Scope of Community Recreation Services
◦Exercise Facilities
◦Town Planning
◦Structural Planning
◦Systems Planning
◦Advocacy Planning
◦Central Place Theory
◦Scope and Distribution of Leisure Facilities

2.The Nature of Recreation Facility Management
◦Multidisciplinary Approach to Management
◦The Administrative Process
◦Planning for Play
◦Planning Processes

3.Legal Requirements for Construction
◦Special Events
◦Liability and Negligence
◦Minimising Liability
◦Risk Management

4.Planning Construction Work
◦Work Scheduling
◦Planning Management of the Construction
◦Competitive Tendering
◦Contingency Plans for Disruption to Work

5.Indoor Equipment
◦Types of Recreation Buildings
◦Indoor Equipment and Facilities
◦General Requirements; access, security, lighting, toilets, parking, signage, staff facilities, etc
◦Needs for Specific Facility Types; swimming centres, community centres, gymnasium, etc
◦Selection Criteria for Equipment
◦Conducting a Cost Analysis

6.Outdoor Equipment
◦All Purpose Sports Ground
◦Tennis Courts
◦Bowling Club
◦Camp and Caravan Sites
◦Water Recreation; sailing, water skiing, power boating, canoeing, etc
◦Picnic Areas
◦Riding School, etc

7.Safety Procedures
◦Duty of Care; employer, employee, other person, manufacturer.
◦Lifting and Manual Handling
◦Protective Equipment
◦Chemical Handling
◦Protecting Hearing
◦Safety Risk Analysis
◦Safety Audit
◦Safe Communication
◦Safety Out Doors
◦Water Safety: safety in pools
◦First Aid
◦Safety on Sports Turf

8.Equipment Needs
◦Gym Equipment
◦Types of Equipment
◦Sports Equipment
◦Track and Athletics Equipment
◦Determining Equipment Needs for different sports
◦Scouts, Youth Clubs, Other Clubs, Play groups, etc

◦Introduction to Purchasing Procedures
◦Purchasing and Payment Procedures

◦Controlling Facility Use
◦Exclusive Bookings
◦Using Facilities without Prior Bookings
◦Keeping Records of Bookings
◦Procedure for Filing
◦Active and Inactive Records

◦Introduction to Contingency Procedures
◦Staff Absence
◦Fire Management
◦Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

12.Insurance Issues
◦Types of Insurance
◦Staff Liability
◦Determining Insurance Requirements for a Facility
◦Insurance Limitations
◦Changing Insurance Needs
◦Managing Insurance
◦Insurance for Contributory Negligence
◦Recreation Leaders
◦Quality Systems

13.Managing a Recreation Facility
◦Building Maintenance
◦Controlling Facility Use
◦Keeping Records
◦Promoting a Facility
◦Managing Aquatic Facilities
◦Toilet and Locker room Facilities
◦Security; security systems, vandalism, ignorant acts, vindictive acts
◦Minimising Vandalism

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