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Develop your ability to organise and conduct ecotourism services

Ecotourists and tourists looking for a nature-based experience undertake a wide range of activities.

These activities are extremely varied and may include:

  • Nature Photography Camping
  • Bushwalking Observing animals
  • Bird watching Whale watching
  • Turtle watching Crocodile watching
  • Dolphins, seals, reptiles etc Observing wildflowers and other plants
  • Scientific study Backpacking
  • Art tours Diving
  • Heritage tours Rafting
  • Cycling Rock climbing
  • Abseiling Drawing of native plants and animals or landscapes

The course is designed to develop your skills in Tourism Planning and Management.

The tourism industry encompasses the provision of all those services used by people when travelling away from home, including booking services, transport, accommodation, tourist retail outlets and attractions. 

Worldwide millions of people are employed in the tourism industry – from coach drivers to travel agents to hotel concierges, as well as all the other hundreds of occupations that cater for tourists and travellers.

Tourists travel to almost every country in the globe, looking for adventure, recreation and entertainment. They seek both new and familiar experiences, both close to home and far abroad. Some travel independently, others in organised groups. Some look for security, others prefer their travel spiced with excitement and danger.

This course provides a foundation for further learning in any or all of these areas, whether on the job or through formal studies.


Course Details

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced fully online course. You are enrolled in the course for two years, but most people complete the course in 6-9 months’ time.


Course Outline

Core Modules:

Ecotourism Tour Guide Course

Ecotour Management

Plus 1 Elective from below:Click on each link below to see outline

Tourism I

Tourism II Special Interest Tourism

Adventure Tourism


We have payment plans avaliable

Email for a detailed course brochure with course outlines for all the modules.

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